Mickey Goldstein in a scrap yard at dawn

Mickey Goldstein hard at work in Grand Rapids, MI

Mickey Goldstein has over 35 years experience in the ferrous scrap and secondary market for rail car components industry.  With this deep experience comes long standing contacts across North America, expertise that can’t be replicated, and a reputation for reliability and honesty that can’t be touched.

A St. Louis native,  Mickey is committed to treating each client with the utmost effort and a forthcoming, open approach to communication.  This commitment is our advantage.

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Since 2011, Gateway Railroad Dismantling has worked in nearly three dozen US States and delivered consistent results for our clients.  But don’t take it from us.  Be sure to check out our testimonials from our friends, or read more about how we approach business on our blog.
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“ Mickey is the best!  We trust him with everything we do here because he never fails to tell us what's going on.  Good, bad, up, down or sideways, Gateway RR brokers for us. ”
— Dan Becker