Deep Relationships

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  • Written by: Gateway Railroad Dismantling
  • On: March 1, 2014

My late father Butzie worked in this industry for most of his professional life.  His job was simply to open new accounts and he was pretty good at it.  In those days,  it really only took a smile and some elbow grease to get the job done.

One particular potential client, however, would not have any of it.  He had been burned by the company my father worked for before and wanted nothing to do with them ever again.  So my father decided on a different strategy.

Once a month, every month,  he’d stop by and receive the same tongue lashing as last time, but now,  every time he came armed with a camera and asked if he could take a picture with the client or the client’s secretary.  This went on for months before, finally ,  the client realized that my father would come back to the end of time, once a month, just to take a picture with them.  He relented,  telling Butzie, “Alright already, let’s do business.  Just no more [expletive] pictures!”

This is a relationship based business.  Our primary way of reaching, acquiring, and maintaining customer relationships is the old-fashioned way: on the phone or in person, and email if the first two aren’t feasible that day.  We know the importance and value there is to be found in those deep relationships, where you know we will be there for you.

“ We partner with Mickey on a number of different projects, and it has been a great and profitable relationship for both of us. ”
— Nathan Wolf